Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You all know how much I love my In-laws *RME*

I haven't had to deal with them much over the summer because Shari, the beloved MIL has been gone. She drives fire bus during the summer. But alas she comes back as the new school year begins to drive bus for the school. So, unfortunately she is stirring up crap.

Her first order of business was to go out to Aunt Marlenes' house and tell her NOT to believe anything we say because we are liars. Nice. Aunt Marlene doesn't believe her obviously because she told us what Shari said.

Then I find out through the grapevine that my niece Siara is attending school here in my little town again! I do not know why, because her mother lives in Idaho. (Her father is in prison for drug charges). This poor little girl got expelled from her school last year as a 1st grader. ( I still cannot fathom what a 6/7 yr old could do to get expelled from school. She has had what I only imagine is a horrid childhood, along with her 4 yr old brother Wyatt.) She attended about a week of school here last year, then stopped going for some reason, but still lived with grandma (Shari) for the rest of the school year and all of summer) She attended summer school here to make up the rest of the year and is now in the second grade (thank goodness because Baylee is in 1st and Dallin is in 3rd). Fires didn't start til summer school was completed and then I believe Aunt Judy took care of her (Aunt Judy also lives with Shari). I do not know for sure but I think that Wyatt is still with his mother, Shanna...who is Jared's youngest sister.

Shari's house is not the place for this little girl. If there wasn't so much drama surrounding this whole situation, and if I didn't have to deal with her psycho mother or grandmother I would take her in, in a heartbeat. I think she would thrive in a stable environment, but I am sure we will never find out. She is headed down a disastrous path at high speed.

I know that NO parent is perfect. I am not perfect by far. Heavenly Father and mother had 1/3 of their children go astray, and that was under the best circumstances. This woman raised 4 very unstable children. She takes no responsibility for any of it. And yet as I learn about their childhoods, I can only point a finger in her direction. (along with their very abusive, now deceased father). I was always civil to my MIL though. Until she started hurting my kids. That day the relationship came to a screeching halt.

They grew up poor. Now as adults they have all had trouble with money. Putting their wants first and their bills last. Buying the things they never had as children. Jason is the most selfish person I know. He has to have the best of everything but cannot afford any of it, so he uses people. He is having an affair , totally abusing his soon to be ex wife. Turning his back on a daughter that he has raised for the past 8 years, and because she was never legally adopted he doesn't legally have to father her so he shuns her. He no longer picks her up when he picks up his biological daughters. It makes me sick to think about what he is doing to that poor 9 yr old emotionally. He is smoking, drinking, living with another woman, lies like crazy, and yet he seems to be able to keep hold of his "golden child" status and can do no wrong in some peoples eyes. I just don't get it and it infuriates me.

Jared has always had issues too. I have worked him through the financial ones, thankfully. He had his affair 9 yrs ago. His anger issues are under control most of the time, but when they emerge he is scary. He has anger issues. He gets mad over the stupidest things. He always thinks everyone is out to get him. He was SO dumped on by his parents. Labeled the black sheep of the family as a young boy. Anything that needed blame got put on his shoulders and he was beaten a lot. He was working full time at 12 yrs old and at times brought in more money than his parents did.

Sharma was made to be the slave. She was the one who took the blame when Jared wasn't around. She became very promiscuous and has 2 boys by different fathers. The second one she isn't sure who the father is. She has severe leaning disabilities that were never addressed. (they all do actually, but their parents were too lazy to help them, or get them help). She finally got married to a man that has beat her up on at least one occasion.

Shanna is the baby. Never got blamed for anything, although she was the culprit a lot of the time. She was also very promiscuous. She has been married to a druggie for 10 yrs. They have 2 children (mentioned above). Neither her or her husband have ever had a good stable job. The kids have been neglected but always seemed to maintain a look of normalcy to those who don't know. Wyatt never learned to walk til he was 2 because he was always in a carseat, bouncy seat, playpen or crib. Even as an infant he wasn't held. His bottle always propped up with a pillow. Just thinking about it all makes me furious. Her and her husband are constantly having affairs, and they don't seem to care.

So now we found out that Shari's sister Patty died. We have no talked to any of the in-laws for at least 5 months. I dreamed about the funeral last night, and it was a nightmare. Seriously, probably milder than what is in store for real. Sharma's wedding (in the church) ended in punches being thrown and F-bombs and cars screeching out of the parking lot.

I wish I was joking.


Lucy said...

That's a lot of dysfunction. You are wise to control and protect your children from anything unnecessary. Stay strong!

Kris said...

I thought my inlaws were dysfunctional, but truly, yours takes the cake!