Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Funeral....

So the funeral was interesting, but nothing too major happened. We spoke to and hugged everyone in the family (except Jared's immediate). Funerals are sad, but in a lot of ways they are almost enjoyable because it always seems to bring people together almost like a family reunion. It was wonderful to see everyone again.

Jared and I have always been really touchy feely with each other. (Not innapropriate PDA, just holding hands and arms around each others backs, back know what I'm talking about) and Jason has always been jealous of that. So in he walks with his girlfriend Yvonne (who is UGLY.... . that made me feel better, is that bad? LOL) and her two kids. They were groping each other during the whole funeral. It was really sickening. He hasn't even gone to court for his divorce yet and he is strutting around with this *excuse me* Whore. They kept turning around and smirking at us to see if we were seeing them getting it on in the chapel. BLECH!

After the funeral we were waiting to give Jared's grandma a hug, and of course his mother Shari is standing right by her. That Yvonne chick gives Shari a hug and looks at me and gives me an evil smile. RME So we pay our respects to grandma and then Shari gives both of us a hug. I was SO surprised Jared didn't shove her arms away...and I wanted to puke, but I would never want to cause Grandma any stress so I just stood stiff and let her hug away and say "Oh thank you so much for coming, it means so much to me". "Um, we didn't come for YOU lady".

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