Thursday, August 09, 2007

Praying for the miners.....

I am pretty sure that I do not know anyone directly involved in the mine collapse but it breaks my heart just the same.

I remember Jared taking me up to see the Crandall Canyon coal mine, except he just called it "Genwal". It was a beautiful drive. Reminded me of going camping. Beautiful pine trees everywhere, little streams of water, some wildlife. There right out in the middle of it all, this coalmine. If he hadn't taken me up there I would have never know it was there. You can't see it until you are right upon it.

Jared used to take several loads of coal a day out of that mine during the year we lived in Castledale, Utah. We had so many good friends there that I dearly miss. Those were good times. There always seemed to be tragedy there though. Some wife losing her husband. And not only due to the mining, there were other circumstances too.

I remember when we lived there, and we were in the midst of the coal industry, the Quecreek mine cave-in happened. I remember staying up all night, and watching them pull the Nine dirty but very much alive miners out one at a time. I hope this story has the same happy ending.


Lucy said...

What a heart-wrenching thing to read about. It's such a dangerous job...I can't believe it keeps happening.

kris... said...

I forgot you used to live there. It is a heart wrenching thing. It has been hard to watch the breaking newscasts about it. I keep hoping that one of them will have good news. Even though I'm not that "close" to this place, it just seems so much closer to home than the ones back east. I remember as a kid my dad going to the coal mines down there on business. I'm sure glad he doesn't have to anymore.