Friday, September 29, 2006

So the family is at the Football game except for Tyleigh and I. We're home watching "Ugly Betty".

I have been crying all day. Jared has been being a total jerk all week. Nothing new. He treats me like he hates me all the time anyhow.
I was going to type a novel, but I can't go there more tears left.

Anyways so this elk yielded 442 pounds of meat. It is the biggest elk of the year (so far..rifle season hasn't started yet). So this elk meat, (which I am sure I am going to hate BTW )costs...$265.20 to butcher. So after I pay all the bills, the tithing and this butcher bill...I have 70 bucks left to last the 6 of us 2 weeks. We have NO groceries in the house. Not even Milk. But we do have 442 pounds of elk meat. Yuck So I cried some more about that. Not sure how I am going to feed the family, put gas in the vehicles and feed Jared on the road on 70 bucks. And what I don't get is this: We are doing what we should. We are going to church. We are paying out tithing. We are worthy to hold recommends...and what do we get? Flat ass broke, that's what. I am bitter right now..wondering if I should take the tithing money and get groceries. It's not like I WANT to go to the temple right now anyhow. Grouch Day 1

So there is one bit of good news for the day though. I ate the elk steaks that Jared made for dinner, and I liked it. It tasted just like beef. And I am very picky about meat. It wasn't gross at all, and I was so ready to spit it out and tell him that his stupid hunting escapades was a complete waste of time and money...and I liked it. So I guess at least with the 70 bucks I have, I won't have to use a dime of it on beef. Woo-hoo. Rolling Eyes So we borrowed this big ancient freezer from Jared's mother. It is huge at the top wont close all the way it is so full of meat.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well some rather cool stuff has happened since I wrote last.
One being that Jared shot a HUGE Bull Elk with his bow. He is so proud!
Dallin was with him, and so were Randy and Morgan.

Last night was Joshua's 3rd Football game. He played a couple minutes of the 1st quarter and most of the 2nd quarter. After half time he never came out of the game. He played Offense and Defense, and did a great job. This is really boosting his self esteem. His dad is so proud of him, which I am do glad of...most things they do not see eye to eye on, so this is great for them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just a little bit of news before I go to bed.
Football here is huge. Small town and everyone shows up to watch the game. It is actually pretty cool. There are men in their Eighties who used to play on the field watching and rooting.
So most of the kids here have played Football since 5th grade. Joshua just started 3 weeks ago. He doesn't get to play much because of his lack of experience. So tonight, his second game ever...he SACKED THE QUARTERBACK! I was so proud! Football 2 Vikings

Monday, September 11, 2006

I can't believe it has been 5 years since the horrific attacks on our country.

I remember that morning. I had gotten up and got Joshua up for school. I am laying in bed watching the local news when they break into "The Today Show" I believe. It is 6:46 am. I they are saying that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Of course the first thing of think of is terrorism. But then I start thinking, "well maybe someone wanted to commit suicide, or they weren't paying attention". That theory of course went out the window as I watched live, the second plane hit the other tower some 17 minutes later.

When the Pentagon was hit, I was just waiting for more and more places to be shown. Luckily some heroes saved other targets from being hit.

I sat in horror the rest of the week in front of the TV switching back and forth between CNN and CNBC. I slept with CNN on the TV all night, a bad habit I continue to this day.

I remember how patriotic everyone became. It was such a wonderful feeling of unity. I wish that feeling was still here today, because now it seems the country is divided with different opinions about what should have happened, or what we should be doing. I am glad the decision isn't mine to make.

WTC Candle WTC Ribbon WTC Never Forget 911 Flag WTC Heart WTC Eagle WTC Ribbon White House Twin Towers 1

My favorite memorial site:
Take a peek, it takes a while to load if you have dial up, but it is worth it.
Here are some more sites:

Saturday, September 09, 2006

So Joshua won his first ever Football game. He was really excited. Krista came over to the game with the 3 oldest kids. It was good to see them again.

We have been doing alot of hanging out with Randy and LaRene. It is odd that we find a couple to hang out with that we actually like both the husband and wife, and can tolerate the kids as well. Jared and Randy have been doing alot of hunting lately. Jared got a deer with his bow on the opening day of the season.

They are off hunting tonight too. Trying to get an Elk.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I can't believe the kids are getting so dang big. Especially Joshua. This picture if from their first day of school. Joshua started middle school, Dallin started 2nd grade, Baylee is in Kindergarten. Tyleigh keeps me "entertained" while they are gone.

Notice Joshua's height compared to 6'1 Jared. He is as tall as I am now. Scary. Today is his first football game. (Or should I say Fooos-ball...LOL).He is really excited, but I think maybe Jared is even more excited. Football is a big deal here...especially High School Football. It looks like a ghost town around here on Friday nights....EVERYONE is at the high school for the football game. It is pretty cool actually. Go Vikings! Vikings