Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So I haven't posted in forever....

So I haven't posted in forever, and I need to update...But I thought I would come and post my birth stories here since I typed them up for a friend (I love copy and paste!)

#1 Joshua was 14 days overdue. They sent me in to be induced. I had never had an untrasound (going to tree hugging mid wives). They had said "oh your breech" "oh it turned" over and over. Came to the conclusion the baby was head down. So 7am...put pit in. At 10:30pm I was finally dialated to 10. Pushing...yada yada...No pain meds whatsoever. So here comes something...and the midwives are all "oh dear, what is that?" And me thinking I am delivering an alien or something. Nope, it was his nuts. So they are telling me not to push (yeah right). They call the Dr. With each contraction his scrotum is coming out, then going in. So emergency C-section...he was finally born at 1:16 am the next day. His manhood was the size of a full grown man. Black and blue and blistered. (poor guy)
#2 Miscarriage at 8.5 weeks, at home. No complications.
#3 Miscarriage at 17 weeks. I delivered Tanner around 10 pm. The placenta wouldn't come out. I was on pitocin for HOURS trying to deliver the placenta. The Dr was a complete jerk. He had one hand on the outside and one inside tugging and finally came out about 6am as we were heading to the operating room. That hurt was worse that delivering ANY of my babies. (the tugging and pulling)
This period was years of trying to conceive with no luck. All sorts of painful tests and whatnot. I had given up on having anymore kids. I went to the Dr who delivered Joshua for a yearly exam. He noticed that my uterus was WAY tilted. My cervix was pointing upwards instead of down. (I am sure it was caused by the doctor yanking and pulling..he stretched the ligaments that hold up the uterus very badly.) So this Dr. tells me "If you want to get pregnant, have sex doggy style, then stay that way for 15 minutes...LOL" So we did, and I got pregnant.
#4 With Dallin I went into labor at 28 weeks. Bedrest...tributaline, it was a nightmare. I made it to term though. I had a scheduled C section, BUT...I was heading up to labor and delivery a week before the surgery to see my SIL who had had a miscarriage. My water broke in the elavator in the hospital. I asked the Dr to let me be and see what happened. 12 hours later, with the help of pit Dallin was born...also with no pain meds, and no complications.
#3 Also preterm labor, but not til 32 weeks. Bedrest, yada yada...but made it to term. I went into the hospital dialated to they broke my water. I was put on pit again. Baylee was born 7 hours later. No pain meds, no complications.
#4 No preterm labor with Tyleigh. I was dialated to 5 with bulging bags by 36 weeks though. They had me scheduled for a C-section. (this was the new hospital V-bacs due to new research and malpractice suits) I was almost 38 weeks. I told the Dr. I thought it was stupid to make me have a C-section when I was already dialated to 5. He agreed. I had to sign all kinds of wavers saying I understood the risks and I couldn't sue the hospital..yada yada. They took me in, broke my water at 8am. Again I had pit. This time I wanted to try some pain relief so I had an intrathecal (sp? It's a spinal but only lasts an hour). Well then I couldn't figure out how to She ended up having to be sucked out by the vacuum cuz her heart rate was wigging out. She was fine though :)