Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So it's August......

So. I am so excited! I could start a back to school countdown if I knew when school started. I need to find that out, I suppose.

Babysitting again tomorrow. Today I was physically and emotionally exhausted by time the kids were picked up at 6. 11 hours with someone else's kids is too long! LOL My biggest problem is that I am SO not a morning person, and I have to get up at 7. I will not get to bed til late tonight. Joshua went to the fair with some friends, and the mother is on clean up and they won't even leave Ontario til sometime after midnight. Maybe I will crash on the couch til he gets home.

And a note...I am going to do one thing tomorrow on my "Good Intentions" list. One thing a day. Something that I don't ordinarily do. I am going to try and make habits. Slow and sure is the best way. Right? ;)


ang said...

First off, congrats on your new car! Second...if you keep up good intentions like bringing home a new car you could have an awesome day every day!

Crysty said...

Where's the pic of the car????? ;o)