Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just complaining....

Feel free to just ignore this post.
I get to the point where I think things are ok financially.
We pay our bills on time every month, and have money left to buy groceries and a few other needs that come along.
But when something big comes along we are screwed.
I took Tyleigh to the dentist yesterday. She has decay on her two front teeth (it looks horrid) and cavities on her molars. (and yes we brush every day)
NO dentist will touch her without her being knocked out.
So our choices are an $9,500 hospital visit (no medical insurance)
Or an $2000.00 in office appointment. (and this is AFTER dental insurance)
The hospital choice is totally out, and we won't have $2000.00 until we get our next tax return (NEXT YEAR maybe February if we do rapid refund).
So now she gets to look like a freak and gets to take Tylenol and advil every day for 6 months for pain.
I left the dentist office crying. I made a total fool of myself.
Sometimes life totally and completely sucks. I just want to load everyone up in the exploder and drive off the nearest cliff.


kris... said...

Oh lisa, I'm sorry! That really sucks. Why is it that some kids just have horrible teeth no matter what you do? I hope it's not too painful for Tyleigh. {{{hugs}}}

Heidi said...

it shouldn't be that much to take care of your babies teeth! I'm sorry! How frustrating! Why would they require she be knocked out? Our dentist down here would do it - and it'd be cheaper to bring her here and have him do it than to pay for the hopsital visit! I'll let you stay here! He's a great guy and he's in our ward. Just come on down! I'll leave a light on for ya!

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Is there by chance any dental colleges nearby? This is what we had to do growing up with BIG dental issues. I'm sorry, that totally stinks!


Crysty said...

Oh, Lisa! Why does dental work have to be SO expensive? I don't get it? And why is there no good dental insurance?!? Ugh! I'm sorry! Don't drive the exploder off a cliff, though, k? ;o)