Monday, August 13, 2007

The Best of Both Worlds?

So I got myself a job. Or the job found me actually. I NEVER advertise to watch other people's kids, and yet I seem to be able to just wish for a babysitting job and one appears.

I have been watching 2 siblings on and off for a few months now. (Colt 3 and Lainey 2) Just when the regular babysitter is busy, or goes on vacation, or is sick. Some days it is ok. Other days it is overwhelming.

So is it the best of both worlds to do daycare in the home? Some say it is. A job. An extra income, and I still get to stay home. I question myself..."Do I want to stay home and watch kids all day?" It doesn't seem fulfilling in a "career" sort of way. It definitely doesn't pay worth squat. And to tell you the truth, other peoples kids drive me nuts sometimes.

So I get a phone call from one of my visiting teachers who just had a baby. His name is Hoss. (No I am not joking. How am I supposed to look at this baby boy and call it Hoss?) She goes back to work at the end of the month and needs me to watch him. I reluctantly say yes. This also means watching her 6 yr old daughter Lilly after school every day and all day Friday (we have a 4 day school week here). Lilly is in my class at church. Whenever I tell someone that I teach the 6 yr olds I am almost always asked "Who is in your class". I start naming names, and 9 out of 10 times when I get to Lilly I get a moan. She has been an only child for 6 years and is a little turd a lot of the time. She really isn't that bad in class though, because she knows I won't put up with her crap...LOL So I am not too worried about it.

So I will get 25 bucks a day for the newborn. 20 bucks a day for Lilly (Friday) and 5 bucks a day for Lilly Mon-Thurs. 165.00 a week. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it will help ALOT. And will more than make the payment on my exploder :)

So here is where I am thinking it may not be such a grand thing: For the last 2 weeks I babysat for the 2 siblings (Colt and Lainey)I mentioned above. Thursday the boy started not feeling well towards the end of the day. The next day him mom called to tell me he had strep throat. Can you take a guess what comes next?

Yep, I had to spend all the money I made babysitting on Dr. Visits and prescriptions. 3 with Strep. How great is that? I am beginning to think maybe this is the worst of both worlds. Especially when we have no health insurance.

Oh and I may get Colt and Lainey 3 days a week also, but I won't know til Sept when we find out if the boy gets accepted into headstart or not.


Lucy said...

I watched my neighbor's little girl when I had two of my own and it was hard. It wasn't for me and it was hard to admit to it, I was a stay-at-home mom after all! The money was nice, and tempting, but I found myself happier and a better mom to my own kids when I stopped. But I've had friends who have done and haven't even blinked an eye. It's practically free money if you have that kind of routine down.

Good luck with your decision. I hope your kids feel better!

Oh, and sorry about your junior. Two engines in two weeks? Ouch.

LisaAnniePants said...

Thanks Lucy...I am beginning to think that Teresa Earnhardt is having someone mess with his engine on purpose. After the merge and them booting Sterling Marlin and Joe Nemechek...I really don't like that lady anymore. Funny how all the other DEI cars seem to run fine.

kris... said...

Babysitting is either something you can do or you can't. I love kids, but not other peoples. LOL That 18 months I babysat my neice was torture, adn I don't know if it was the situation I was in or if it was the kid. Either way, it just didn't work out, and I doubt I would ever do it again. Scarred for life!

And I have to laugh at your comment about JR. I noticed he hasn't done much, but haven't paid must attention. Is Teresa his mom? Wasn't she his manager or something? I can't remember.

LisaAnniePants said...

She is the evil step mother...LOL

Kari said...

I guess at least babysitting provided the money for the Dr. and prescriptions - money you didn't have to dig up from somewhere else.

But yeah, it would be so hard!! I've done it once before and don't know if I could ever do it again!