Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well I am home, and a little nervous...

So yes I brought home a new car. (hey this font is a lot like the last one..lol This one is "morning limerick", very nice..., anyhoo).

Reasoning #1, they gave me $4300.00 trade in for my van. Probably 2 K more than they should have.

#2 The payments are somewhat reasonable.

#3 We need to have a 3rd credit line (or something, maybe it was "line of credit") to re-establish our credit so that we can re-finance the house with a lower % rate in a yr and a half.

#4 My mom is getting too old and somewhat senile to keep flying here to see me. She is missing the plane, having to go home early due to health issues, tripping in the airports. I have to have a reliable vehicle to be able to drive to California. No way I could afford plane tickets for 6. Gonna be a miracle to save up gas money as it is. I have not been "home" since my dad passed away over 8 years ago. That is about 7 years too long IMO. Sad actually.

#5. The Van was 11 yrs old and had 115,000 miles on it. Who knows how long it had left? This Explorer is only 3 yrs old and has 50,000.

So are those good enough excuses? Plus the fact that I was really starting to feel really self-conscience driving that old car. That one is a bad excuse, but a true one.

I am looking in the paper for something that I can do to make money. I am babysitting tomorrow and Thursday. Then next week Mon, Wed, Thurs. It could turn into a full time (well 3 days a week) thing, but I won't know until late September. It would be nice if it would work out that way.

Well I will post a lovely picture of my vehicle tomorrow. Wish me luck with my money making venture! And I would love ideas if you have any!


LisaAnniePants said...

Humm, these two fonts look exactly the same. But one is called Mr Sirloin and the other is morning limerick. Me thinks something is fishy here.

Kari said...

Good Luck on the Car thing. That is always a bit nerve wracking!!

And how did you get a font like these? Blogger doesn't give me these type of choices!

LisaAnniePants said...

Kari, I emailed the post to my blog. You go under "settings" then "email" then "Mail-to-Blogger Address". You make your own email addy which when you send an email, sends it as a post to your blog. I've been using "incredimail" to mail them because they seem to have more font choices. HTH!

kris... said...

Those are all great reasons to get a new car! Enjoy it!!!