Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why is life so complicated? (Part Deux)

So here I go again. I should probably just shut up about this stuff but then I figure I should finish what I started. Plus this gets it off my shoulders without saying it directly to them. Sort of like a letter that you don't mail. (I've done those before too, they really work)

So We did mom and dad, and so now we are at siblings.

Jason. I believe Jason is a compulsive liar. He told his wife he was a virgin when they got married (not true about 10 times over), and that he served his full 2 year mission and had an honorable discharge (also not true. He was sent home because he became engaged. Seriously.). He is sooo selfish. Growing up his family was very poor. So now that he is an adult and he has a job and what not, he is making up for his lack of toys in childhood and filling his adult life with toys that he cannot afford at the expense of his children and soon to be ex-wife.
He just took a trip to see some friends with his new girlfriend in tow, telling everyone that he got divorced last fall so that nobody will know that he is a cheating *blankity blank*. He has to drive fancy cars he cannot afford and buy clothes that IMO make him look gay as a jaybird just to make himself feel better. He is a mama's boy all the way. He could be standing over a dead body with a bloody knife in his hand and be able to convince his mama that it was the dead persons fault and he is the victim.

Sharma. Of the two girls she is the one that took the most crap growing up. She has been very promiscuous since she was a teenager. She has 2 sons. Both out of wedlock, and the second one she doesn't know who the father is. She was a welfare case for many years but she has now been an CNA for a couple years. She has married a weird but descent man and they are now leading somewhat of a normal life with her 2 boys.

Shanna. The youngest. She also cannot do any wrong in mama's eyes. She was promiscuous as a teenager also. She is married to a drug using bump on a log who is covered in tattoos. He is currently in jail for the gazillionth time for peeing dirty. She has 2 beautiful but out of control kids who CPS keeps threatening to take away because their house is filthy. Her and her husband have both been unfaithful many times and it seems to me that neither of them care. Maybe they have an "open marriage"?

After all of the things that I have found out in the past few weeks about Jared's family, I seriously wonder how in the heck Jared turned out as good as he did. I really feel sorry for him.
He is a good man. He just has some issues. He has done SOOO well the last 8-10 months that I think maybe he has overcome a huge hurdle. He is trying to be an excellent father and husband, and I think he is doing a wonderful job...especially knowing how he was brought up.

Ok so there won't be a part 3. I am not saying I won't complain on my blog about my In laws again....but I am putting it to rest for a while.

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Kylie said...

Sheesh girlfriend. No wonder Jared can even get outta bed in the morning. Talk about a diamond in the rough. I hope you guys make it, I really do. I pray for you all the time.