Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Basketball is over :(

Well this afternoon was Joshua's last Basketball game for 7th grade. He has done soooo well it has amazed me.

When he was born he was breech, and when he started to walk he was really pidgeon toed. I took him to 5 different doctors and they would each give me a different diagnosis. It was so frustrating because they never did anything about it.

When we lived in Pocatello I took his to the Orthopedic specialist for ISU. He told us that Joshua's hip joints were square, and they should round out with time and physical activity. I thought it was just another "undiagnosis". When we first moved to Vale the other kids would say something to Joshua about his legs and he was slow. In the year we have been here Joshua has played Baseball, Football and now Basketball and his legs get straighter and stronger as time goes on. I am so relieved.

In the top picture he is the one with the ball in the corner. And the other picture is of him and his buddies. He is 3rd from the left, with a note is his hand that he had been "secretly" passing back and forth between one of the stat girls...LOL It was quite humorous.

He has made me really proud. Alot of the boys have been ineligible for games because of grades or behavior and I never have those problems with him. He is really trying to get a 4.0 this coming semester.

The folks that Jared works for are awesome. Even with Jared being a truck driver and all, he only missed ONE of Joshua's games. Being there to support his kids is very important to him.


Kari said...

That is great Jared could go to so many games! WOW!!

Happy Valentines Day, Lisa!! I hope it is a great day for you!!!

Kris... said...

I'm SO glad to hear that Joshua is doing so well with basketball. That's great about his legs. And yeah for Jared not missing his games. I think it's been good for your family to be where you are at. I'm really happy for you!!!