Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Man....

Today was pretty horrid.
First I had to drive on these icy roads. Not fun at all.
I shoveled my driveway. The worst part was the end of the driveway...the gutter, where the snowplow idiot puts all the snow from the road, so when you back out you have to hit the ski jump to get out...Yee-Haw Hazzard Smileys. I thought I was going to pass out when I was finished.
Tyleigh has been going through this no clothing phase (or I hope it is a phase...LOL Sexy). So all the kids are happily playing...or so I think. Dallin and Baylee are. But I go to check on Tyleigh and she has taken off her diaper, pooped on her floor and stepped all over it in with her socks and made tracks all over her carpet. Foot Print I threw her in the tub and scrubbed her floor Shit.
Dallin and Baylee are chasing each other, and Dallin has a mouth full of milk. He laughs and it shoots out all over the kitchen floor. I make him clean it up, and as he reaches for the paper towels he tips over a bag of half eaten, week old pies I had sitting on the counter (trash day tomorrow) and they crash all over the floor on top of the spewed milk mess. That was fun to clean up.
Tyleigh also pulled a chair up to the counter and helped herself to a cube of butter I had set out to make cookies.
Other than that, my day was fine... Pulling My Hair Out

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well Thanksgiving was dull. It was just us, and then Ed, Bryan, and Rick came for dinner. They are a fun bunch. They gave me a nice card with $100 dollars inside! MoneyI went to Shop-Ko and bought a new bedset for 39.99. I have the rest saved, and will more than likely use it for Christmas gifts.
By time the holiday was over (the kids and Jared had 5 days off work and school) I was about to go mad. Jared was getting on my nerves bad, and I was glad to see him go to work yesterday.
It has been snowing on and off all day today. And is supposed to snow throughout the night also. We have maybe 3 inches tops, so it isn't bad yet. Makes it hard to drive, but it sure looks pretty. Snowy House
Jared decided he WASN'T going to be santa to make extra money for Christmas. So there goes that idea. I hope he doesn't expect anything for Christmas, cuz there isn't money to get him anything. Scrooge

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So Yesterday was my birthday. Totally normal day. At 33 it really isn't that big of a deal I guess.
We celebrated Sunday, with Cake and icecream. Of course Jared sat his ass on the couch while I cut the cake, dished up the iceceam and served it everyone.
So I came up with a fabulous idea to make some Christmas money. Jared's father Jim, played Santa for years. Church santa, Mall Santa, all of that. So after Jim died Jared took over for a while. He did a pretty good job too. So, a few years ago Jared was Santa for a huge Christmas party we had with all of our friends. He did such a good job that the friends he had borrowed the costume from gave it to him. So, for extra money I am renting out my husband. Dressed like Santa SantaThe going rate for the ones I called on, started at 50 bucks just for a brief appearance. So I am going to make ours cheaper. Even if he only gets a few appointments, that is still a few more dollars than we and have now. Elf
So the kids have the rest of the week off of school. Jared had the rest of the week off too, but an opportunity came up for him to do another run, so he is going to do it. The best news is that he is taking Dallin and Baylee with him! Truck Driver 2 I wish Tyleigh were older. Then he could take her too. At least I can have a little Peace and Quiet . And Joshua is going to help me prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving Dinner Pilgrim Pilgrim Girl Carving Turkey Pilgrim Turkey Cranberry Sauce Then Thursday morning all I will have to do it pop it all in the oven.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


As I was getting the girls in bed tonight the cutest thing happened. They always hug and kiss and what not. Tonight after Baylee gave Tyleigh a hug and said "Goodnight" Tyleigh said " I wub you Baywee" They were the sweetest words I have heard in a long time. I Love You Flowers
Poor Tyleigh is sick again. I swear she hasn't had a two week period where she hasn't been sick. She has a horrid cough, and a runny nose. Luckily no fever because Jared cancelled our health insurance. Screamer I am not sure when it runs out...but it could be inactive already. We were paying over 400 dollars a month. Which yeah, is alot of money. But hey we need insurance we have 4 kids. He doesn't seem to think so. Of course when the kids are sick he isn't the one who has to take care of them so what does he care.
One good thing today was my mother called and is sending my 50 bucks for my birthday. So now I get to go to Maddox and get that chocolate cream pie I have been craving Hungry . I could actually buy 5 of them... Pig LOL And NO I am not sharing.
Well, I think I am actually going to be in bed before midnight tonight. I am so tired Tired . And I can't be sure I won't be woke up by Tyleigh coughing and crying several times tonight like I was last night. So I'd better get my buns in bed. Girl In Bed
Goodnight! PJs


For anyone interested in listening to my FAVORITE radio station is the link.

I forgot to include that yesterday. DJ

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Dancing I love music. Different kinds of music. I can listen to just about anything from Barry Manilow, to Motley Crew.
When I first came to Utah it sucked. I couldn't find a radio station that I liked, and Jared has stolen my XM to take in his truck with him.
Finally after a couple weeks I found "The End". I used to be 107.5 or something like that...clear at the end of the dial, thus the name. But now it exsists at 101.9. I LOVE it! They play top 40, and whatnot...but then in between all the popular "today" songs, they play tons of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure...I am in love.
For any of you in Utah, check it out...
They claim that the station reaches from Provo, to Logan...which basically is ALL of Utah. This is one of the things I like about living here.
I no longer miss my XM. And I never turn the station. Radio Anyone not in Utah may be able to listen to it on the web...not sure though.
The weather has turned very cold Freezingthe last couple of days. I am so not ready for winter. I had to break out the hats and gloves for the kids today Cold Breath they were playing outside this afternoon and they were freezing. There is snow on the mountain tops all around us. It is quite beautiful.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Today was soooooo boring. At least nothing bad happened....LOL
Yesterday though, I stacked my pots and big dishes I had washed on a towel on the kitchen counter, and I must have not stacked them well. My big electric flat griddle that I use on almost a daily basis crashed on the floor and anything that wasn't metal smashed into a gazillion pieces. Tears The dang thing cost around 40 bucks, and if we are going to have any sort of Christmas at all I am going to have to wait until January until I can get another one. It should be fun trying to make pancakes or eggs for 6 people in an 9 inch frying pan. UGG!

The weather today totally sucked. If it is going to be all cold and cloudy I wish it would snow. Instead it just stayed gloomy all day. Not that I am looking forward to snow. Snowstorm I am not. I mean it is pretty to look at and all, but it is scary enough driving around here with all these idiots. I am sure it is going to be 10 x's worse in the snow. And then the kids will want to play in it and track crap all over the carpet and all the other lovely stuff that snow brings.

Jared has done nothing but talk about Oregon since he brought it up last week. I still don't know what I think about it. But I do know one thing. I wish we would have just stayed in Pocatello, then moved to Oregon (because he always gets his way when it comes to moving) instead of making this move to Utah. It just makes no sense to me. I mean I know for sure that this isn't where I want to live for the rest of my life (even though there are a few things, or more like a few people I will miss). There is something about Utah that I have never liked, And I can't put my finger on it.

I need to finish making the kids chore charts. They have gotten very lazy the last few weeks and I am putting an abrupt end to it. I refuse to do everything by myself anymore.... Maid

One thing that I do like about this town is the leaves. Fall Colors They are sooooo amazingly beautiful this time of year. And you rake them up and put them in your front yard near the curb, and a big garbage truck looking thing with a big hose on it, comes and sucks them up. It is pretty cool.... Amazing how little things thrill me. Raking Leaves