Thursday, November 17, 2005


As I was getting the girls in bed tonight the cutest thing happened. They always hug and kiss and what not. Tonight after Baylee gave Tyleigh a hug and said "Goodnight" Tyleigh said " I wub you Baywee" They were the sweetest words I have heard in a long time. I Love You Flowers
Poor Tyleigh is sick again. I swear she hasn't had a two week period where she hasn't been sick. She has a horrid cough, and a runny nose. Luckily no fever because Jared cancelled our health insurance. Screamer I am not sure when it runs out...but it could be inactive already. We were paying over 400 dollars a month. Which yeah, is alot of money. But hey we need insurance we have 4 kids. He doesn't seem to think so. Of course when the kids are sick he isn't the one who has to take care of them so what does he care.
One good thing today was my mother called and is sending my 50 bucks for my birthday. So now I get to go to Maddox and get that chocolate cream pie I have been craving Hungry . I could actually buy 5 of them... Pig LOL And NO I am not sharing.
Well, I think I am actually going to be in bed before midnight tonight. I am so tired Tired . And I can't be sure I won't be woke up by Tyleigh coughing and crying several times tonight like I was last night. So I'd better get my buns in bed. Girl In Bed
Goodnight! PJs

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