Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Man....

Today was pretty horrid.
First I had to drive on these icy roads. Not fun at all.
I shoveled my driveway. The worst part was the end of the driveway...the gutter, where the snowplow idiot puts all the snow from the road, so when you back out you have to hit the ski jump to get out...Yee-Haw Hazzard Smileys. I thought I was going to pass out when I was finished.
Tyleigh has been going through this no clothing phase (or I hope it is a phase...LOL Sexy). So all the kids are happily playing...or so I think. Dallin and Baylee are. But I go to check on Tyleigh and she has taken off her diaper, pooped on her floor and stepped all over it in with her socks and made tracks all over her carpet. Foot Print I threw her in the tub and scrubbed her floor Shit.
Dallin and Baylee are chasing each other, and Dallin has a mouth full of milk. He laughs and it shoots out all over the kitchen floor. I make him clean it up, and as he reaches for the paper towels he tips over a bag of half eaten, week old pies I had sitting on the counter (trash day tomorrow) and they crash all over the floor on top of the spewed milk mess. That was fun to clean up.
Tyleigh also pulled a chair up to the counter and helped herself to a cube of butter I had set out to make cookies.
Other than that, my day was fine... Pulling My Hair Out

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