Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So Yesterday was my birthday. Totally normal day. At 33 it really isn't that big of a deal I guess.
We celebrated Sunday, with Cake and icecream. Of course Jared sat his ass on the couch while I cut the cake, dished up the iceceam and served it everyone.
So I came up with a fabulous idea to make some Christmas money. Jared's father Jim, played Santa for years. Church santa, Mall Santa, all of that. So after Jim died Jared took over for a while. He did a pretty good job too. So, a few years ago Jared was Santa for a huge Christmas party we had with all of our friends. He did such a good job that the friends he had borrowed the costume from gave it to him. So, for extra money I am renting out my husband. Dressed like Santa SantaThe going rate for the ones I called on, started at 50 bucks just for a brief appearance. So I am going to make ours cheaper. Even if he only gets a few appointments, that is still a few more dollars than we and have now. Elf
So the kids have the rest of the week off of school. Jared had the rest of the week off too, but an opportunity came up for him to do another run, so he is going to do it. The best news is that he is taking Dallin and Baylee with him! Truck Driver 2 I wish Tyleigh were older. Then he could take her too. At least I can have a little Peace and Quiet . And Joshua is going to help me prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving Dinner Pilgrim Pilgrim Girl Carving Turkey Pilgrim Turkey Cranberry Sauce Then Thursday morning all I will have to do it pop it all in the oven.

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