Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well Thanksgiving was dull. It was just us, and then Ed, Bryan, and Rick came for dinner. They are a fun bunch. They gave me a nice card with $100 dollars inside! MoneyI went to Shop-Ko and bought a new bedset for 39.99. I have the rest saved, and will more than likely use it for Christmas gifts.
By time the holiday was over (the kids and Jared had 5 days off work and school) I was about to go mad. Jared was getting on my nerves bad, and I was glad to see him go to work yesterday.
It has been snowing on and off all day today. And is supposed to snow throughout the night also. We have maybe 3 inches tops, so it isn't bad yet. Makes it hard to drive, but it sure looks pretty. Snowy House
Jared decided he WASN'T going to be santa to make extra money for Christmas. So there goes that idea. I hope he doesn't expect anything for Christmas, cuz there isn't money to get him anything. Scrooge

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