Monday, June 02, 2008

Hot wings here we come!

Remember these cute little things?
They have now turned into these:

I had no idea they would get so big so fast.
Most of them turned out to be Roosters, so we are going to
have to take them to the butcher. I tried to talk Jared
into doing it himself but he doesn't want to.
Not sure why. He has gutted a deer , and an elk right in our
front yard. He must have some sort of fowl fright?


kris... said...

Won't Joshua do it? I've done it myself many times! Of coarse, I was a kid, and wouldn't touch them now, but at Joshua's age, I totally would have! LOL

Lisa said...

Humm....I'll ask, but I seriously doubt it...LOL

We bought the 20 thinking half of them would croak. Only one did, so we have 19 still. Eye yi yi!

They are a hoot to watch though.

Lucy said...

I never like to think about where meat comes from, but it looks like you will be having some tasty chicken soon!

Denise said...

Wow, they really did grow fast! Do the roosters wake you up every morning? That would get me mad enough to wring their necks myself, lol.