Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something positive about being broke....

I cannot buy another bag of these:
Holy cow these things are deee-vine. They taste just like Thin Mints *place a girl scout trademark here* only in reverse. The minty chocolate is on the inside so it doesn't melt all over your hands. (thus a lot less embarrassment from being caught licking your fingers) I could do some major damage to the hips with these things. Thank goodness Ontario is 20+ miles away and the funds are low enough for me not to feel good about splurging on another bag. (thank goodness)
Now an, update on my Wii-Fit diet.
Yay me! I am no longer in the red "Overweight" category.Of course this was Monday....BEFORE the discovery of the above, and after I had spent most of Sunday on the toilet (TMI....sorry...LOL). So this could all be scallywumpus by now...but I can hope.
I'll update again next week. In the meantime , pray that the store sells out of them cookies.


Crysty said...

Good for you, Lisa!!! Keep up the good work! And why'd you have to tell me theose cookies taste like thin mints? Huh? I hope I never see them! ;o)

just me said...

lisa - that is fantastic!! good thing i've sworn off chocolate. otherwise i'd be buying tons of those. i love thin mints!!