Monday, June 09, 2008

Proud, and Not So Proud

First of all, I am so proud of Joshua.
He told us the last week of school that he wanted to play High School Football.

Something that I thought he made up his mind NOT to do.

We are fine with it either way, but I guess the HS coach talked him into it.

He also told us about Football camp.

It is held at BSU (Boise State University). It lasts 5 days, and costs $290.00. We decided he could go, IF he earned all the money himself.
So, since the 2 weeks since school has gotten out, he has earned $305.00. He has worked his tail off and we are so proud of him. Most of this was earned mowing lawns. Some of it was taking care of animals while folks were out of town. This week he has more on his plate, and by time Saturday gets here (when they leave for BSU) he will more than likely have $100 or more for spending money. SO SO SO Proud of him. And all of this ontop of football practice every night (yes already) and his daily chores around the house. He's a good kid.
Here's a pic of Joshua in his uniform next to his dad just so you can see how big my boy is getting. And just an FYI, Jared is 6'1. He doesn't have far to go to catch his daddy.
Now for the Not so Proud. It's for me.
Today is the start of a new me.
There was a pic of Joshua and I together. NO WAY I would post it on here though. I look like a cow in a pink shirt.
I am using my Wii-Fit as part of my weight loss routine.
Here are the readings from this morning:
Just Yuck. That is all I have to say.
My goal is 3 pounds a week. Anything beyond that will be welcome.
I will be updating at least on a weekly basis.
Hopefully it will all be good news.


kris... said...

Yeah, so when I complain about my 14 year old growing like a weed and not being able to afford to keep him clothed... you feel my pain, eh? He's still small compared to Josh (only 5.6") but he's catching up!!!

Heidi said...

I would love to weigh what you weigh! can't wait to see if Ross gets me this for christmas! LOL!