Thursday, March 29, 2007

March is ending....

And so is a long relationship.
Kind of sad actually, but it needs to be severed.
Jared's mother has hurt him for years, and he is not right sometimes because of it.
I will not allow the same thing to happen to my children. I will not allow my children to be hurt by their grandmother again. I will not allow her to make them feel second best.
Children should always be made to feel like they are the MOST special.
She always makes whoever is kissing her left butt cheek feel special, and everyone else she shuns.
The final straw was Tuesday night.
I found out that she was having a "Grandchildren Sleepover". My kids were not invited.
She lost 4 grand kids that night. She hurt them. She will not have the opportunity to do it again.


Denise said...

Ouch. That made me very sad. I'm so sorry your children were hurt again. =(

Kris... said...

Can I just say that your MIL sucks? SO SORRY!