Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another blow...

I found out one of the reasons why My kids weren't invited to the sleepover.
Jason's girlfriends girls were invited.
How nice eh?
My kids are being replaced with the mistresses children.
I am so angry right now.
I am glad I don't have access to a rocket launcher, or her house would be in flames.
Oh well. It's her loss.


Kylie said...

I am so sorry that you and the kids are being treated so badly. Family sure know how to be the nastiest of people. I love you and wish I were closer.

Victoria said...

Sorry Lisa, that really is just wrong. Hugs

Heidi said...

Holy concubines tadpoles, batman! Good riddence! There's just no rhetorical question worth asking. Wrong wrong wrong! How she can't see that is just twisted. Keep your children from being hurt, ITA!!! They can come sleep over here anytime they want. I'm gonna mail her a box of mosquito eggs. (by the way - THANKS - woo hoo party on the big screen!!)

Kris... said...

Definitely her loss!!! I came across pics of your kids the other day I took back at when you lived here... and I don't know how anybody could not think they are the sweetest kids! Grandma is a renob!