Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catch up on February...Part 2


This boy cannot stop talking, thinking about, watching....BOISE STATE BRONCOS. Mainly football. Yep, football season is over, but we happen to have a bunch of BOISE STATE BRONCOS FOOTBALL on DVD.

Thus his birthday wish was a BOISE STATE BRONCOS Jersery. Which you can see in his birthday pics.

Blowing out his 9 candles.

Trying to touch smoke? Who knows.

And we can't forget the pinewood derby fiasco, I mean race.

He does look cute in uniform though :)


Holly said...

Happy Birthday! BSU is huge at our house. My boys watch their Fiesta Bowl DVD over and over again!

Our Pinewood Derby is next month. I'm not excited. He looks adorable though.

The Pikes said...

Okay- I love the scouting program but every time that darn Pinewood Derby comes around.. I want to cry.

The Pikes said...

Opps - I am so sorry, I should have introduced my self and explain how I "found " you. I was blog hopping nad happened upon your very cute blog. Thanks for letting me visit.