Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catch up on February...Part 1

February is a huge month at our house. 4 birthdays, basketball, NASCAR season begins. I have been a slacker and I am going to use the next couple days to catch up. I am going to start with what is most fresh in my mind. Middle school basketball and Joshua's HUGE game last night.

To cut to the chase the game had 6 seconds left in the game. The score was 21-22.
We had the ball, and it was passed to Joshua. He took a shot.
It bounced around on the rim and off again.
Joshua gets his own rebound, and shoots again with 1 second left on the clock. SWISHHH!!!!
At the same time the refs whistle blows (he was fouled) the buzzer buzzes.
The crowd is going wild, Joshua starts beating his chest (while I hid my face) and he gets whoops from the audience and Hi-Fives from all his fellow team-mates. He was so stoked!!!!
Then to put a cherry on top he hits his free-throw and the game ends with a score of 24-22 :) I am still excited! OH and 14 of the 24 points were Joshua's . He rocked!

Here are a few pics from the game, though I totally missed the events described above. Joshua Getting a Rebound.
Another rebound.

He is #45

And I did actually catch one shot!



The Swoosh!

The Five....

One Proud Boy!

Congratulations Joshua! That was a fabulous game!


Heidi said...

oh how COOL! I LOVE games like that - especially when you get to say from the audience "that's my boy" LOL! I know, nerdish - but I do it ALL the time! LOL! Congratulations, Josh!

Crysty said...

That's so cool! WTG, Joshua!

Kari said...

Awesome!! Wear that Proud Mama badge, girlfriend because you deserve it!! :) Go Josh!

Denise said...

Go Joshua! I'm impressed, being mom to two much-loved but basketball-challenged boys!