Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a small world....

So I find out this friend of mine Anna
and I "sort of" "knew" each other years ago.
How funny is that?
So I'm posting a few pre-90's pictures to see if they will refresh her memory.
This first one is my Jr year, the next is Sophmore.

This is a picture of our whole young women group right before the ward split.

This one is me and two girls from Somerset Ward after graduation.
Bonnie and Becky Morgan. So Anaa, Do we look familiar? LOL

I love remembering the past. Especially good times like the teenage years...LOL
The 80's were the best.


Heidi said...

that sure was fun reading you & anna's little "reunion" LOL - what a small world! Hope you find Shannon!

Ladyrunner said...

Oh yeah! I remember you!! Okay, time to dust off the scanner. I don't have many pictures though!

Denise said...

Ooh, puffy hair *and* puffy sleeves! The mark of an entire generation. That was fun to see those pics!

Ana said...

You were a hecka pretty '80s chick, Lisa!