Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bang the drum slowly.....

Just a few pics of Joshua, my drummer boy, at the local Spring Jazz Festival.
I am still amazed that he just picked up the drum sticks and the band director (for the Middle School and High School) wanted him to play drums for the High School band as an 8th grader. Not sure where he gets him musical talent.
I've never tried to play an instrument before, so maybe me?...LOL
He plays in the Middle School / High School Band Concert tonight, and then at the High School Graduation on Sunday.
He wants to start a band with a few of his friends.
Not sure how I feel about that, but they did have a fabulous name picked out!
"Toxic Shock"
Then I told him what it meant and he changed his mind...
Bwa ha ha!


Denise said...

ROFL! Toxic Shock! Their nickname can be The Tampon Band.

I was a drummer in Jr High. Drummers are cool. =)

Mar'Lee said...

Christine says WOOAH , it sounded like a good woah to me, hey we just might make this work. I will be doing family and kidlet pics soon.

Anonymous said...

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