Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Recital 2008

This first one is "Baby Ballerinas". It is the 3 and 4 yr old class that Tyleigh is in. This video cracks me up because Tyleigh was SO nervous before going onstage...and then she was the last one off stage. Also, the look on her face when they are bumping into each other, and she looks at her hand after kissing it to see if her lipstick came off. Then her dress comes undone. Totally classic. This one will be good to show at her wedding reception...LOL

This Second one is Butterfly, by Charlie Gracie.

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Denise said...

Oh my GOSH, can you stand it?! The dirty looks at the other girl (yo, you're in my space!), the lipstick hand, standing there waving way after the song's done...that's a keeper!