Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I am so sad that I cannot go to Park City with my wonderful friends.
I want to call my dentist and see if he could possilby get me looking normal so that I could go.
But I might still be in pain, and I might not be able to eat everything I want to eat (and that is half the fun isn't it?) And I doubt he would change his mind.
I'm really bummed.
I am sick of looking like a freak, and talking like a freak.
I want my smile back.


Denise said...

I heart you, Lisa. ((((hugs))))

Kris... said...

AWWWWWW Lisa... I'm sorry!!! I was so looking forward to seeing you again!

Heidi said...

WTH?! I missed something?! I don't care what you look like - AND if I need to, I'll bring the blender & we can drink our food? What happened? Just GOOOO - what the crap? you're one of the reasons I bought a ticket out there! GEEK LOSER!