Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One more addition to the farm....

(The new bull with Joshua, cousin Beau and Dallin)
Now I can't remember if it's a Hereford, or a Holstein. Not that it matters, it's all the same
when it's meat on the table.
Tyleigh had to have her own cow since everyone else did.
OH and, we have had 5 eggs in the last 4 days. We left them in the coop for the hens to sit on. To me there aren't enough yet to eat, and they are pretty small.
We will prolly end up throwing rotten eggs away I'm sure, but there is a chance they could hatch, no? I mean, they didn't have electric incubators back in the day...and the eggs hatched somehow.
We'll see.


Teri Le said...

I'm so jealous of your farm.

According to my dad, who grew up on a chicken ranch, hens will lay an egg everytime they're fed - but you only have to PRETEND to feed them. Just put your hand back in the feeder and say "chick chick chicky" or something every time you feed (or fake feed) them.

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