Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Hair-do

So I went and got my hair done. I only do it like twice a year, so it's a big thing for me.

My hair was finally down to my shoulder blades (maybe 3 or 4 inches past my shoulders), but I decided to wack it off again. (Now I wish I hadn't , but oh well it'll grow back.)

We added some blonde and red highlights too.

Ignore the tired face and the dirty t-shirt.

I thought it was different. Cute. I will get used to it and in fact I really quite liked it until.....

This morning, It was my turn to style it.

Why? Oh why, can't I ever get my hair to look like it does right after the hair dresser finishes with me?

I can never get the cute little flippy things to flip right. I look like and idiot.
I feel like this doing this:

Or this:

Let's hope tomorrow is better.


Crysty said...

LOL! You're so cute! I love the new do! And you should not put a bag over your head you silly girl!

kris... said...

You should read the instructions that come on the bag... do not put it over your head. And for what it's worth, I LOVE your hair. It is SO cute... though no hair ever looks good after you leave the salon. By PC time, it will be perfect, though.

Denise said...

Oh, it's CUTE! I know what you mean, though, I can never make mine look the same, either. Still, it's not worth suffocating yourself with a grocery bag, right? Ack!

ang said...

I love it! You have a good stylist! I especially love the highlights. I bet your hubby loves it too...hmmm, hmmmm?

Shayla said...

You're hair is ADORABLE! Lisa, YOU'RE adorable :)

Jocelyn said...

That is a cute hairdo. Good for ya! :)

Also here to tell you you're the winner to the DYMO Letra Tag Labelmaker giveaway on Hip Mama's Place- lucky you! ;)

Congrats and please send your mailing address via hipmamasplace@gmail.com

Heidi said...

youre just a short hair-cut copy-cat! LOL! and how cool is that picture of you ducking under a table? Just cool looking! As far as bags over your face, they're supposed to be paper, that way people can't see you, but you stay alive!

I like it - and totally KWYM on the doing it yourself! LOL!

Syndee said...

Love, love, love your hair Lisa! You are just too cute!