Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I just don't get Wrestling

Seriously! What is thrilling about having someone pin you down in front of a bunch of people? To me, it would be highly humiliating. I guess it wouldn't be if you won. But Dallin doesn't win. But he still wants to. I just don't get it.
He came in 4th after winning 0 times. Yep, ZERO. LOL



kris... said...

At least he's determined! My brother was a state champion wrestler and he golfed with a kid, I mean WRESTLED... gosh, my dh just got home, LOL... he wrestled with a kid who was handicapped kid who never won a single match in all the years he wrestled, but he never gave up. We used to just love to watch him wrestle. It was NEAT!!!

ang said...

Well, if your boys are like my boys, they wrestle at home all the time, so a match would be not big difference! I think it's great that he loves it, even if he doesn't win!

Anonymous said...

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