Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ain't they Purdy?

The problem is:
I don't think I am going to be able to eat them.
They are so cute (yes I said CUTE! Gotta see 'em in person) and they have such funny personalities.
Then I am supposed to make a pot roast out of them?
This country living is going to be harder than I thought, me thinks.


Shayla said...

Stop it stop it!
At least you are convincing me I never could do the farm thing.

They are pretty cute... for cows.

kris... said...

cows are not cute... I'm sorry, but they are NOT... unless they are babies. Then they are cute. I grew up on a cow farm, I KNOW!

However, I do understand the attachment thing, and that is one reason I'm askeered of ever raising a cow or anything else I may want to eat for sunday dinner ... how would we ever be able to butcher it? Like that old Disney movie the thanksgiving promise where the kid raises the goose for thanksgiving dinner and then didn't have the heart to eat him? That would be me! I just know it. So why bother?

that and my inlaws have a severe aversion to cows... it's almost a phobia, in fact. Wierd.

Lisa said...

Want me to bring my cows to your house? Maybe the In-Laws would move away? LOL

ang said...

If you haven't named them yet you can use the names my SIL's sister used for her cows. She named them "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Dinner". They've already eaten "Breakfast".

and yes, they are cute!

Heidi said...

LOL Ang! And they look like they just had a bath - I bet they don't even smell like the dairy farm down the road - ewe - you can't eat something that smells like that when it's alive, think of how it smells dead! I love the cute little devil horns! I think you should paint the horns red...will they let you get close enough? LOL!