Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Country Folk Play Basketball.......

So our little Hick town had our annual Donkey Basketball game this past weekend.

I took a few pictures for your enjoyment....enlightenment.....entertainment.
(Not to mention the fashion education I recieved. Gotta love the vests and helmets!)

Yee-Haw, or maybe Hee-Haw?!


My Favorite part of the game was when people fell off thier Donkeys...LOL

Yes, I'm twisted! That's why people like me ;)


Denise said...

ROFL! I've heard of playing Horse, but this is a new one. I can't imagine that's very good for the floors!

Lisa said...

They actually had on little rubber shoes so that they wouldn't ruin the surface of the High School Gym. And to my dismay, none of them pooped on the floor. I wanted to see how that would would go over...LOL

Shanana said...

Found your site randomly. Just wanted to tell you how intriguing this "sport" is, and how funny those pictures are!

Shayla said...

LOL...Seriously Lisa? HA HA! Truly hickville. I'm surprised our town never did that.

Anonymous said...

hee haw hee haw