Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Something new....

Today is my first edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday Backwards Edition, in which you ask a question of your readers instead of sharing a piece of advice. (I've never done the "forwards edition" either. ;) LOL)

My question is "What do you do with all of the muddy/snowy shoes and boots that everyone just throws in a big ole' pile when they come in the door?"

For one thing, it is a HUGE eyesore. For another, it leaves a big mess on the floor. HELP!


J.D. said...

Hey Lisa:
I was just tip toeing through your Bow collection, and your sweet shop and everything looked just great. Also In the place only we know and found a stack of wet, dirty and muddy boots and shoes, the only thing I can say in answer to your question is, be sure that when your visitors leave, to take them with them… As for the mess it leaves, your guess is as good as mine….
I enjoyed the visit……………. JD

happygeek said...

Our garage is attached to our house so our kids have to leave their stuff on the bootmats in the garage. If you don't have that, try boot mats at the door. If something doesn't make it onto the bootmat charge the owner a small hosuekeeping fee.

Denise said...

Mine just get piled by the door on the floor mat. Ideally they stay there til they're dry, then get put away in closets. But in reality, they stay there til they're dry, then continue to stay there, getting kicked around, tried on by the 3-yr-old and taken off in random corners of random rooms, and generally cluttering up the place until they get used again. Not helpful, I know, lol.

kris... said...

Well... I have the solution to everything. LOL

What I've done, and this is helping somewhat, I have two cute wicker lined baskets by the front door. One for boots and shoes, one for hats and gloves. We also have a really nice coat rack they can hang their coats up on. They only use the front door though going to and from school, but it's where they dump their backpacks and shoes and such.

By the back door, in my laundry room, I have a "folding" table (it doesn't fold, it's where I could do the folding if I could see the top of it, you know the kind?) and under it I have a laundry basket for more gloves and hats and snowpants, and beside it there is room to stack boots.

When they come in, they tend to dump it all on the rug (which I have a big one that takes up most of the room so the linoleum doesn't get wet and muddy, too), and I leave it there till it dries out more or less, then they have to go back and put them all in the basket/under the table. I don't have a closet in there for them to stack anything in either. It's actually helped a little bit!

Good luck, and I love this Works for me Wednesday thing!!! Great idea!