Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lifetouch sucks......

I forgot to "pick a pose" for Baylee so they picked for me. Is this really the best position for a little girl in a dress, with her knees to her chest? *rolling my eyes* The photographer may have had a nice view of her underwear. And they never wait for a descent smile.

Dallins isn't too bad.

Why do I order them at all then you ask?
So that the kids can have a class picture. You cannot order just a class picture. It is "free" *rme again* with any portrait package.

Gee, how generous.


kris... said...

You get to PICK your pose? We never do! Not that it matters, we never order them anyway.

Get your new camera (decide what you want?), find a pretty spot, and take the pictures yourself... like I do!

kris... said...

Oh, and by the way, I think they are adorable, but the mother is always the best judge!

Anna said...

I SO feel for you!!

Lucy said...

I think part of life is the random school photo! You never know what you are going to get, and in this day and age of digital photography, there aren't many truly "bad" pictures out there. I don't usually use the school photos as the hang-on-my-wall-for-all-to-see picture, but I do get them so that my kids can have them and maybe scrapbook their chronology someday.

By the way, while I get the frustration with the "knees included" pose, she is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I have always hated Lifetouch. I REALLY hat them now though! Like you said, they will not wait for you to get a descent smile. I picked my pose, they made me do a different one. We get the pictures about 2 months later and we were not mad about how bad my smile turned out, but how they did the picture and the price of it. One sheet or one picture was $12 USD and they put their logo in the bottom corner. So, we buy one unhappily.

Next topic: Yearbooks
We paid 20 bucks for the yearbook. It's pretty reasonable for a hardback book full of memories and pictures. But, Lifetouch raised prices on pictures. So, the school could only afford black and white pictures. Lifetouch is really going downhill.

Button0 said...

I used to work for Lifetouch (I found your blog by googling Lifetouch sucks) They told me when I first started there (with no experience except for taking pictures of my kids) that we basically had 20 seconds to get the child on the seat, take their picture and move to the next kid.

I tried to spend a little longer than that and actually get good pictures because people aren't going to buy the pictures unless they look good right? Someone took my kids pictures when I worked there and they were awful so I brought them to work with me and redid them. Not everyone has that "luxury" though. Lifetouch is a joke, they're just in it for the money and the few people who care about their jobs are run out pretty quick by upper management.

By the way, even if you did pick a pose it's somewhat unlikely you're going to get a good picture anyway. You have beautiful kids though :)

Anonymous said...
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