Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kylie Watson

In Memory of a Loving Mother, Wife, and wonderful friend.
Half a world away, and still one of the best friends ever!
One year She was even Santa Claus to my children.
She was the one I told all my secrets to.
She always made me laugh.
She was a true example of what a friend should be.
She was my late night sanity.
She knew how to talk me down from the ledge.
Why couldn't I have done thae same for for her?
I will miss you terribly my Ky Ky.


Kari said...

Lisa, sending you lots and lots of love! I wish this didn't hurt so bad. Mwah! xxoo

Heidi said...

XOXOXO - you're a great friend, too. (((Hugs))) yep, I did it! LOL!