Monday, March 30, 2009

MARCH in Collage

I tell them "NO", "No way you are moving the trampoline over the cement so that you can play basketball. It's too dangerous."
So they ask their dad instead. He not only agrees, but joins them. Nice.

The scary piggies (Never doing pigs again. They are creepy!)
Whitey, Max and Doodle...the roosters. And the cats, Fuzzy and Frankie.

The men getting ready for spring by cleaning up the yard and the pasture.


kris... said...

When we were kids, we actually installed a basketball hoop on a powerpole in the middle of the yard. A pain to mow around, but so much safer than having the trampoline on the concrete!

And whoa for no snow and shortsleevves! So not fair!

Lisa said...

Good idea. I wonder if there's a powerpole somewhere in our yard. Humm.

Lisa said...
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Denise said...

Ack! I swear men exist just to take part in their kids' antics and scare the moms to death, lol.

Tamara said...

Eeeek! Usually Alex is the wet blanket while I'm saying, "C'mon, let the kids live a little!" but there's no way I would go for jumping on a tramp over cement!

What's so creepy about pigs? I heard that once they get a taste of human flesh they can become extremely aggresive, but considering the source, I doubted it. Is that true??