Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Six Flags Magic Mountain

A couple weeks ago we went to California to visit my mom.
We took a day and donated a ton of food to the Los Angeles food bank and went to Magic Mountain. We had a blast, even though it rained almost the entire time we were there.

Waiting for the gates to open.

Ty and her balloon flower.

The girls and I on the Merry Go Round

Joshua and Jared on Goldrusher.

Ty, Bay, Bubba and I with Tweety and Sylvester.

All of us in front of the fountain.

I'm hunting wabbits.
Fun times for sure, although the roller coasters were a little more scary and "HOLY CRAP!" than I remembered them. I won't say how long it had been ;)


Shirl said...

Hi, just found your blog; it looks like you all had a great time :0)

Angela said...

What a fun trip!! And I must say...I love those sweatshirts ;o)

Crysty said...

Oh that looks like fun! I'm so glad you had a good time!

kris... said...

Looks fun!!! I love the pic of Jared and Joshua on the roller coaster... great shot!

Jessica said...

Your pics brought back so many memories of the good old days. I remember having a great time when we went for church activities or just for fun. Though I have to agree, the roller coasters are way scarier now then they used to be!