Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bye-Bye Freshman Football!

Joshua is #50
We had a blast watching him this season.
But I am SOOOO NOT old enough to have a kid in High School. Not even close ;)

Hello Basketball season.

Oh, and tonight my son is at the High School participating in a long standing "tradition".
He is getting a haircut by a Senior player.
I can barely wait til he gets home. Ugg.


He is home. Oh my gosh!
He has to stay this way until the Varsity team loses in the playoffs.
This is going to be great for church. NOT.

And of course he likes it. Teenagers! ;)


Denise said...

Bwah! You've got a punk on your hands! I have to admit, I wouldn't be happy if my kid did that. But hair grows, so it's all good. Tell him to enjoy it while he can, because he won't be doing it again, lol!

just me said...

oh that is so ... so ... he looks older than you do, lisa!! that hair needs to grow out or something to make him look younger. wow!! you aren't old enough to have a child that old ...

Jenne said...

Awwww! I love it! The football traditions crack me up, awesome school spirit. It'll grow out or he can just shave the rest off soon, just hair. FWIW, our football players look that way seasonally too. I agree though, there's no way you can have a son that old!

kris... said...


Heidi said...

That's good...I had pictured it SO much worse than mohawk! I was thinking splotchy patches! This is good! LOL!

Ana said...

When I was a teenager we called that a jockhawk! The real punks wore their mohawks much skinnier! LOL ... like it was so important!

Your son looks so grown up and happy and handsome. You've got nothing to worry about in terms of hair! Just remember when I met G his was 8 inches tall!

Kailey said...

:-) It could be worse. Just wait until he decided he wants to color it a few days. lol