Thursday, October 09, 2008

My son, the dirt specialist.

Joshua is taking Agriculture this year, and FFA.

Seems sort of nerdy to you non-country folks but around here it's almost a necessity.

The one thing I like about it is the amount of scholarship opportunities that are available to students who involve themselves in these.

Joshua has no intentions on becoming a farmer, but is getting pretty interested in the animal parts. He is thinking about becoming a Veterinarian.

Joshua has been in AG for a total of 6 weeks.

Yesterday they went to "District Soils Judging" in a neighboring town.

We are talking our whole school district, which includes 5 towns AND Seniors who have been in Ag for over 3 years now.

Joshua casually mentions to me in passing that he has to go to Bend next week for Ag because he placed 1st in district. FIRST!

We were so proud :)

My boy knows his soil!

They dig a series of "pits" and the boys go into each one and judge the soil.
Some of the kids were making fun of Joshua for taking so long in each trench. He was the last one out of 2 of the 3 pits. I guess his patience paid off.


Crysty said...

That's awesome! Congratulations, Joshua! Very impressive!

Denise said...

First?! Way to go! I'm a fan of farmers and country folk, myself. =)

Heidi said...

in my head, I keep seeing that one scene in Napoleon Dynamite where he's testing the milk?

Well, what can you say - boys know dirt....