Monday, January 16, 2006

And now the News....

So that house that I soooo much want. The owners called me and they want us to rent it until we can buy!
He has an interview in Dallas on Friday, and if he gets the job we may be moving. Not sure how soon. They said "right away". But we still have to draw up papers for the house, and they have to buy a house in Texas so that may take a while.
I am really excited. Still not trying to get my hopes up too much. Farmer

Alright so now more news....

Ok before I start with the news I want to say that I love Grey's Anatomy.

This is one show that I NEVER miss!

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Hope....

(Edited to say that since this post we have found out the stuff dealing with the bankruptcy isn't true. We actually have to pay up til Oct for the 36 mo. to be up, and them we have another 18 months to pay after that...but we can pay it off without penalty. Not that that helps at way that we can come up with 4 grand. I guess we will see what happens)
So I got some pretty good news the other day.
I talked on the phone with my attorney, and he said that once our 36 months is up on our chapter 13 bankruptcy that we are DONE. All remaining balances are forgiven. (Ch.13 you pay back the debt...Ch.7 is where all your creditors just get I was under the impression that after the 3 yrs that they re-do the remaining balance. (And we would still owe over $5,000) So after March...we will be $231 richer every month and our Ch. 13 will be discharged. (See above edit)
Which means, we can BUY a home!
I know the house I want too. It isn't anything fancy...I don't do fancy. And it doesn't look very big on the outside, but it is actually a pretty big house. AND it comes with 1.5 acres, AND I have lived in it before so I know I like it.
6 bedrooms and 1.5 acres for $144,000. You can't find that Anywhere. And we know ALL of the neighbors. Right next door lives the bishop that Married Jared and I almost 13 yrs ago.
K a little background. When Dh and I were engaged, I didn't want to be in Cali while he was in Oregon, so I moved in with this awesome family who just happened to live in THIS house. (No way I would live with DH's family...they all have serious issues) We would wake up in the morning, sit at the kitchen table, and watch all the deer in the backyard. It was awesome.
Two more good things about this house... Being out in the country, you have a well and a septic system. Meaning NO water Bill! You also have a burn barrel, and you just burn your garbage. So no garbage bill either.There is a huge wood burning stove downstairs, and there are vents in the ceiling/floor...and the heat from this stove also heats the upstairs. NO MORE $264.00 gas bills. (Jared can cut a cord of wood for $5.00 right outside of town).
I talked to the owners of this house...and they said they would be willing to work with us. I'm not holding my breath, but I think it would be Awesome. It still had to be on the market, so there is a chance it could sell. But this moment anyhow, life is looking up, and I no longer want to hurl myself off a cliff. LOL
One more reason to move there: The nursing program at the local college. ALL of the colleges I have looked at to attend Nursing school, have at least 2 yrs of pre-requisites. This program is 2 yrs. No pre-reqs. 2 yrs of school and I will be an RN. This to me is just about reason enough in itself. This Program has also been on the top of the list in the nation too. I have heard the the local hospital, will pay for your schooling...if you sign a contract with them, to work there for a year or 2 once you are done with school.Another reason..(this will be the last one I swear) The school system there is AWESOME. People move there just for the schools. There are 2 wards in this town of under 1500 people.