Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another blow...

I found out one of the reasons why My kids weren't invited to the sleepover.
Jason's girlfriends girls were invited.
How nice eh?
My kids are being replaced with the mistresses children.
I am so angry right now.
I am glad I don't have access to a rocket launcher, or her house would be in flames.
Oh well. It's her loss.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March is ending....

And so is a long relationship.
Kind of sad actually, but it needs to be severed.
Jared's mother has hurt him for years, and he is not right sometimes because of it.
I will not allow the same thing to happen to my children. I will not allow my children to be hurt by their grandmother again. I will not allow her to make them feel second best.
Children should always be made to feel like they are the MOST special.
She always makes whoever is kissing her left butt cheek feel special, and everyone else she shuns.
The final straw was Tuesday night.
I found out that she was having a "Grandchildren Sleepover". My kids were not invited.
She lost 4 grand kids that night. She hurt them. She will not have the opportunity to do it again.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boating accident

I was going through some stuff and found some old pictures.

They are anything but pretty.

They are pictures that the hospital took of Jared's side during the operation they did on him to sew him back together. (They are really graphic so if you have a weak stomach, stop when you get to the pictures.)

It was a Sunday. NEVER ever go water skiing on a Sunday. We knew better. I had promptings. They told me NOT to go. I didn't listen. It was August of 1996.

Jared and his friend Dave were water skiing at the same time. Dave fell. Jared fell too so that Kat (the lady driving the boat) could swing around give them both the ropes again. She wasn't paying attention I guess. She ran right over the top of Jared. He said "I'm hit!". Dave got in the boat, and we went to pick up Jared. He was bobbing up and down in a circle of red. His life jacket was hanging onto him by a thread. Dave somehow pulled him into the boat. When he was lifted out of the water it looked as if he had been attacked by a bear or a shark. It was the propeller.

For a few split seconds, I freaked. I put my face in my hands and I was going to just lose it. I thought he was going to die...I was sure of it. Then a voice in my head said "Don't do that" (meaning DON'T LOSE CONTROL) And a second time, but this time calmer, and slower "Don't do that". I took a deep breath and assessed the situation. Jared's sister Sharma and Joshua (who was 2 and 1/2 at the time) were on the boat too. Sharma was screaming. I yelled at her "Shut up Sharma!" And motioned for her to try and keep Joshua from being able to see his dad all cut up and bloody. I told Dave to get us to shore (this was before the days of the cell phone boom). On the way to the shore I pushed towels into Jared's side with my knees and used all of my body weight to apply pressure. Jared kept shutting his eyes. I thought he was passing out so I was slapping him to try and keep him awake. He finally told me he was closing his eyes because of the sun so that I would stop smacking him. By time we reached the shore (a matter of maybe 3 or 4 minutes) I had his bleeding completely stopped. We rammed the boat into the dock coming in so fast. There happened to be an EMT on shore. They called the hospital who in called life flight. Life flight was busy, so they took him by ambulance to Holy Rosary Medical Center (about 25 miles away) where they fixed him all up.

He had busted out a few ribs, sliced open his lung (so it collapsed) cut his diaphragm, and his liver. He also had the same cuts on his thighs. The doctor said that the most threatening cut was actually one that is not pictured. A cut that was less than a centimeter from severing his femoral artery. The Dr. said if that had happened he would have bled to death.

Jared spent 8 days in the hospital. He has so many visitors that the part of the room meant for another patient, was cleared out and just chairs put there.

These pictures are in order from before they started the operation, to when they were finished and had him all stapled up.

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I was calm the whole time. I helped the nurses so everything from changing dressings, bathing him, emptying his pee bag, measuring the fluid from his chest tubes and other fun stuff...and they all said "you should be a nurse". I had never thought about it before. But since that day, that is what I thought I might like to do.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The last 3 days had made me develop a stronger appreciation for my children.
I am totally stressed out and exhausted from crying and looking on the internet.
Dallin has developed a weird tic. From what I have found from researching I am scared. It could be the start of Tourettes Syndrome, or it could be a simple motor tic that could go away on its could be because of a brain tumor...yada yada I can't even think I've read so much this evening. The poor kid.
He like pulls his chin up in the air and up-stretches his neck, then he does a little tic at the end. It comes in clusters. It has just been in the last couple days...and I thought it was just him doing something weird. But today he complains that he ISN'T doing it. He can't stop them and it is driving him nuts. I feel so bad. I don't know what to do.
We have no medical insurance and I cannot afford a CT scan or an MRI. (Which from what I am reading is what the Dr.s will order). I am really scared. I am praying that is goes away all by itself. I am going to have Jared and Uncle Dennis give him a blessing this weekend too. I asked the Sheltons to put his name on the prayer roll tomorrow. They said they would be glad to.
I am trying to decide whether to get medical insurance or have groceries. We make too much for state help, and if we get insurance our self then we will be on the verge of starving to death. I am afraid to take him to the Dr. now, and it being something serious...Then NOBODY would cover him because it would be pre-existing, And we would be stuck paying everything our self which would be impossible. Jared's job offers insurance but it is almost 800 bucks a month out of our pocket, plus it sucks. Totally ridiculous! I am finding insurance on the internet for around 475 but still...that is going to really make it hard to live month to month. I am even thinking about getting a job. I just hope it miraculously disappears.
He really is a smart kid. Very sweet and soft spoken, and shy. This is going to draw attention to him. He doesn't like being the center of attention. This is going to make him withdraw. He hasn't said anything about his friends saying anything about it yet, but they HAVE to notice it.
I have parent teacher conference on Thursday for him, and will ask if his teacher notices anything.
Today hasn't been as bad as yesterday. His neck/chin tick isn't as bad. And it seems to have a shoulder shrug with it today, which either makes it less noticeable or the tick just isn't as bad as it was...I can't decide. Also I did notice another tick. He makes his eyebrows go up all the time. I didn't notice it, because he does it all the time. I thought it was just a habit. Now I know better.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our trip to the coast....

Ahhh...I miss it already.

We picked the kids up from school early on Thursday. We were going to go through Burns and Bend but decided at the last minute just to take the interstate (the weather was bad both ways but way worse over Santiam Pass (required chain up) than to go over Ladd Canyon and Cabbage. There was quite a bit of snow on The inter-state and the big rigs had to chain up but it wasn't too bad.
When we got to the Columbia River there was a huge paddle boat that was a casino. It reminded me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Between Arlington and John Day, there are cliffs all along the left side of the highway. We spotted several small herds of Mountain goats and Big horned sheep. It was pretty cool.
The Multnomah Falls were beautiful!
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We didn't get to the hotel til 8:30 or so. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went potty (we all had to go bad! LOL) and then we ate dinner at Lee's Chinese Restaurant. I had the terryaki chicken, it was yummo! On the way back to the motel we stopped in a park to listen to the waves. I have so missed that wonderful sound. I could have slept right there.
The next morning I set the alarm to walk the beach and look for glass floats. It was sprinkling a bit and sort of chilly. Tyleigh was sleeping and Joshuas shorts were too small (he packed himself) so Jared and the other 2 kiddos went with me to the beach. Walking the beach was amazingly relaxing, even thought my toes were I didn't find a float :(
We went back to the hotel, got cleaned up and went to the "Pig and Pancake" for breakfast. It was the most delicious breakfast I have had in a long time. I highly recommend it.
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We decided to drive to Newport and got to the aquarium since it was very rainy and it was expected that Saturday be a nicer day. First of all we stopped at Mariners Square, right on the port. Unfortunately the Undersea gardens were closed and we didn't want to pay full price to just do Ripleys Believe it Or Not , and the wax museum. We did stand out by the pier and watch some crabbing boats and a noisy seal.
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It only took a couple hours to see everything, but the kids really enjoyed it.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The kids in an "aquarium".
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The kids touching sea urchins and starfish.
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There was a huge Aquarium with Sharks and sting rays which the kids really loved. But their favorite thing was the Sea Lion and seals. We probably watched them for 30 minutes. There was a one that made us laugh every time it swam by because it was always upside down. We were also lucky enough to be there at feeding time and they did lots of cool tricks for us.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting An otter rolled up into a ball.
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We headed back to Lincoln City and found Gallucci's Pizzeria. The pizza was descent, the salad bar was good, but the best part was that we spent probably 40 bucks on video game tokens and had a blast with the kids.
We headed over to the outlet malls and had a god time rushing around to all the stores before they closed at 6 (it is still off season for them so everything seems to close early). We bought the kids all sorts of stuff they didn't really need. Jared got a 100 dollar wallet for 19 bucks and I got a much needed HAT! My hair doesn't like the humidity...AND I thought the hat looked cute on me too...LOL
After the Outlet mall we went bowling. We haven't done that since Joshua was small, and we had a terrific time.
We were all basically exhausted at this point and decided to head over the the DQ for some burgers and ice cream. We took them back to the hotel and ate and vegged until everyone crashed.

We got up and everyone wanted to go to the Pig and Pancake So we did. The waitress wasn't as good as the Friday's but the food was still fabulous.
Joshua needed a pair of swim trunks and we all wanted some flipflops or water shoes so we headed to the Goodwill. I love those thrift stores...(yep I'm a We all got shoes and buckets for the beach and we headed for the beach. We spent a long while there just walking, gathering shells and watching people fly kites. It was so fun and relaxing...and a bit nippy but not bad.
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We went to Mo's for an early dinner. It was awesome to sit and eat dinner, and be able to watch the ocean at the same time. There is a pier there that has binoculars too. We took our time eating dinner and looking in the gift shop. I bought myself a small glass float. Next time I am going to blow my own glass float. (there are a couple places in town to do that).
We headed back to the hotel and changed again. We headed back to the beach. We spent quite a while there, and didn't leave until after sunset. I am going to miss it.
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We went back to the hotel again, and got cleaned up. We headed to cold stone for ice cream. We took another drive around town and headed back to the hotel and chilled.

For Sunday there isn't to say. We left the hotel, went to McD's for breakfast, stopped at the falls, saw some more mountain goats and sheep ate lunch at Wendy's and got home around 6.
we want to go back sometime again before school starts at the end of August. Not sure if we will be able to afford it again so soon, but for sure next time I will pay extra to stay in an ocean front inn, because the ocean if where we wanted to be most of the time.